Material Support

ARUM DENTISTRY_Comsumables_2020_ver01
3shape New_DME 100~800 (20191210)
3shape New_DME_O ( 20200401 )
3shape-100 (190403)
3shape-200 (191210)
3shape-300 (190111)
3shape-400 (190305)
3shape-500 (190111)
3shape-600 (191216)
3shape-800 (200220)
Library List
CE_Pre-milled Blank
Certification_Pre-milled Blank
ARUM DENTISTRY - Raw material_EN ISO 13485 No IT273196 Rev1
ARUM DENTISTRY - Raw material_Medical Device No IT273199 Rev1
AD-2019-01_EC Declaration of Conformity(Custom abutment).
AD-2019-01_EC Declaration of Conformity_Link Abutmnet
AD-2019-01 EC Declaration of Conformity(scanbody)
AD-2019-01_EC Declaration of Conformity((Intraoral Scan Body).
AD-2019-01_EC Declaration of Conformity(lab analog).
AD-2019-01_EC Declaration of Conformity(Lab Screw).
AD-2019-01_EC Declaration of Conformity(Driver)
1. Custom Abutment Instructions for Use
2. Link Abutment Instructions for Use
3. modelscanbody Instruction For Use
5. Lab Analog Instruction For Use
4. Intraoral Scan Body Instruction For Use
6. Lab Screw Instruction For Use
7. Driver Instruction For Use